Real estate is our passion and we are a big believer of buying real estate. Real estate is the best way to grow and generate wealth for generations to come. We can help sell your real estate but we promote buying and holding onto real estate for the long term. Behind the scenes is our financing, which will help facilitate your long term goal of growing wealth via real estate.

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1139 Turtle Creek Road, Paso Robles February 2020 $338,000
1614 Via Flora, Paso Robles October 2019 $729,000
4660 San Ardo Avenue, Atascadero November 2019 $480,000
170 South 7th Street, Shandon November 2019 $344,000
7595 Portola Road, Atascadero February 2020 $535,000
706 Forest Avenue, Templeton February 2020 $496,000
547 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo April 2020 $1,525,000
2930 Union Lot #1, Paso Robles February 2020 $1,050,000
1678 Royal Way, San Luis Obispo July 2019 $668,000

“I met Daniel after following up on a lead from a refi booth at the SLO Farmer's Market. I had been contemplating refinancing my home for years and had checked with a couple of institutions without getting motivated. Daniel made me aware of the newest incentives and had me refinanced at a 33% lower mortgage payment within a few weeks and with only $150 out-of-pocket. Later he enlightened me about home-equity loans, which made it possible for me to contemplate buying a second house. He then put up with me for months of home viewing expeditions while I shopped for another house in the SLO/Morro Bay area. Our persistence paid off when we found just what we were looking for, a deal we are still delighted with amost a year later.”

John C. | San Luis Obispo